High School Challenges

The Next Challenge: Saturday, March 18, 2017

ZHS will send up to four robotics kits to schools in the area FREE of charge.  Working in teams your students will build, program, and modify the robots.  On competitions day teams will compete in the Zillah High School Gym for the title of Zillah Robot Challenge Champion.

The Competition:

The last week of September each team will receive a Boe-Bot Robot Kit (manufactured by Parallax, Inc.) from the Zillah High School Science Boosters at NO COST.  The teams will have approximately 8 weeks for students to learn how to assemble, program, and test their robots before the competition.  Approximately 2 weeks after receiving their kits, teams will be given the guidelines to the specific tasks that their robots and team members will be required to perform. On competition day, teams will arrive at Zillah High School for the “Zillah Robot Challenge”.

The challenge will be based on at least three different competitions among the teams.  Competitions may include: line following, sumo-robot wrestling, mazes, light following and spontaneous programming.  Awards will also be given for other categories such as: innovative structural design, elegant or creative programming, and best “day of” modifications.  At the conclusion of the competition, all robot kits will be returned to the ZHS Science Boosters.

The Event:

Competition Day will be a celebration of robotics, engineering, and science.  Teams representing schools from the valley, will not only compete against one another for prizes in several categories, but they will also attend a keynote presentation from area scientists and engineers.  The competition day will begin at 8 am and end at 5 pm.   As such, lunch and snacks for all participants (teams and their advisors) will be provided FREE OF CHARGE.


How to Participate:

This is an open invitation to all students in Central Washington.  Public, private, alternative, and home schools are eligible to participate.  Community After School Programs are also eligible. 

Teams can range in size from a minimum of 1 student to a maximum of 8 students (we recommend teams no larger than 4 students). At least one advisor/chaperone must be present on competition day per 16 students.

The next competition will take place
Saturday, March 18, 2017